Shannon Walk Haynes

Shannon Walk Haynes
Last Name: Haynes
First Name: Shannon Walk
Country: United States
City: San Diego
Art Form: Sculpture
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Shannon Walk Haynes’ bronze sculptures have won awards locally and are displayed by collectors across the United States. She creates motion and builds a story to capture poetic themes, both humble and exalted. Her beautiful hand-carved stone bases compliment the sculptures and make each piece unique.


Haynes has an innate love for horses and began drawing them as early as pre-school. She never stopped studying horses and finding ways to express herself through them. She likes to explore the cultural symbolism of the horse, the motion, and also the intimate bond that develops between rider and horse. While horses are her core passion, they are not her only source of inspiration. She also brings her love of nature, poetry and dance into play in her work.

Born and raised in San Diego, California, Haynes grew up with a great appreciation for the beauty of nature, wildlife and the outdoors. Her parents took her and her brother on frequent camping trips to our beautiful National Parks in California and all over the country. During those trips she always came prepared with imagination and a basketful of tiny horses. Hours on the road were spent in daydreams while gazing out over beautiful landscapes.

As a teen, Haynes passion for horses drove her to work hard cleaning houses for family members to help pay for her riding lessons and board for her own horse. Later she exercised several horses a day for a training stable and one summer had the honor of working at an Arabian breeding barn with the legendary Khemosabi. After high school, Haynes went straight to a local college where the animal health technology program often led to jobs at the famous San Diego Zoo. She learned to care for and appreciate all kinds of domestic and wild animals from sheep to raptors.

For several years, Haynes worked in veterinary hospitals, yet the familiar pull toward artistic expression continued to nag at her mind. Inspired by her young daughter, she began writing and illustrating children's books about animal care. With publishing in mind, she took the leap and went back to school for graphic design, a field that helped satisfy her need for visual creativity and enabled her to start her own business. Creating advertising for a major corporation led to commissioned historical illustrations, some of which now belong to the San Diego Historical Society. For over 10 years, Haynes developed print creative for everything from billboards to instructional handbooks, while in her time-off she experimented with various forms of visual art.

There were oil paintings, which she enjoyed, but found she wanted something more tactile, with more dimension. So she tried expressing her art in stoneware, enjoying the cool earthy texture of the clay, but she was frustrated by the inability to convey the detail in her mind. It wasn’t until she started working in plastilene clay that everything clicked. This was the medium that felt natural to her.

Her first bronze sculpture began as an idea that she just couldn't get out of her head. She had to make it happen. She learned sculpting techniques mostly through research, trial and error with some instruction and advice from well-respected artists, like sculptor Mehl Lawson, Cowboy Artist of America. At the same time, she took classes in stone sculpting from world renowned stone sculptor, Ante Marinovic. Haynes finds the stone to be a perfect compliment to the bronze, as well as a very rewarding process.


La Jolla Festival of the Arts, June 2015
American Women Artists, Spring 2015 Online Juried Show
Temecula Art Off the Walls, January 2015
Southwest Arts Festival, January 2013 - 2014
Mission Federal Art Walk San Diego, Featured ArtReach Artist, April 2013
San Diego County Fair, 3 Awards for Sculpture, June 2009


Bronze Sculpture
Bronze Sculpture

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