Edna Floretta

Edna Floretta
Last Name: Floretta
First Name: Edna
Country: United States
City: Port Clinton Ohio
Art Form: Performance
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"I've been to the woods, fetching berries, Now, Eat them, damn't"


Edna Floretta was born in a small town in Ohio in 1972. She studied art formally at the Columbus College of Art and Design, the University of Toledo, and the San Francisco Art Institute.

Edna Floretta can draw, paint, take creatively awesome pictures, write, and make experimental music but her primary medium is video. Through the medium of video Edna has deconstructed herself. Piece by piece she lets you peek into her strange existence. Seducing with low end video, she is both raw and fleeting. Edna Floretta has created hundreds of hours of raw footage, in attempts to define the self. Her “self” draws you in like an intimate lover, “ lift up your skirt and show the world to me”.

She invites you into her secret worlds, and says, “KNOW ME”.
She is a mystery even unto herself.

Her cameras remember so much. Her images are filled with vibrant emotion, magic, and sheer feminine grandeur. The camera remembers even after her mind has forgotten.

Shot both in small town Ohio and San Francisco, California, her video honestly depicts one foot in the country and the other in the city. From poets in North Beach to original musicians in Ottawa county Ohio, Edna surrounds herself with intellectuals, and other creatives who are attempting to understand this world thru gesture after gesture.

Within a growing cold society, Edna Floretta deepens the warmth through heart felt tangents of expressions captured on video.

She’ll tell you she’s the ghost of Frida Kahlo. Like frida her strange self portraits lead the viewer on a journey of raw emotions.

Her camera remembers the day when ………
1. Tommy Lee sang with one lung, his original song, the Lonely Side of Blue.
2. Edna fell backwards while filming Seraph Jordan singing.
3. Edna licked an ice cream sandwich off a sexy leg.
4. John stood in front of ground zero .
5. Stella Vyne recorded her very first song in the womb recording studio, she made it up on the spot.
6. Kira Jones sang in her kitchen, “feel like shit today”.
7. Dulani Wallace talks about politics over a burrito.
8. Pedro suggests you have to learn how to love to be free.
9. She found Billy writing poetry in the weeds.
10. Edna cried at the Vietnam memorial, “I’m sorry you can’t forget”
Edna Floretta reveals her nude body over and over, about as many times as she has filmed the American flag. The nudity throughout her videos is meant to represent honesty, vulnerabilities, sassiness, and titillations.

Her works are honest, and reveal America through the eyes of the working class heroes.


Photography of Performance Artist Edna Floretta
Photography of Performance Artist Edna Floretta

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Starts: Monday, October 7th, 2013 at 8:00 PM
Ends: Saturday, October 5th, 2013 at 4:22 PM
Gershwin Hotel
7 East 27th Street
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SIREN Baroque kicks off its third season with Fyer, Fyer!, the first of four concerts exploring the ancient elements, in a special collaboration with the innovative baroque dancers Laura Careless and Marisol Cabrera. The program features blazingly passionate works by Morley, Monteverdi, Rebel, Scarlatti, and Handel, all of which use fire as a metaphor for nature’s wrath, spiritual zeal, lustful ardor, or the terrors of hell. With SIREN Baroque’s “impassioned performances” (Early Music America) accompanied by strikingly seductive choreography, it promises to be an evening to ignite the senses.
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