Paedra Bramhall

Paedra Bramhall
Last Name: Bramhall
First Name: Paedra
Country: United States
City: Bridgewater Corners
Art Form: Mix Media
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Paedra Bramhall is a full time artist since graduating from Cleveland Institute of Art in 1970 with BFA sculpture major/ ceramics minor. Now in her 7th decade of life and still laughing and walking in high heels, Paedra is an out and proud MtF transgendered individual since 1990 who currently lives and works in Vermont. She is a sculptor, glass art creator, painter, designer, and writer. She is an individual who seeks the edges of life. And as one who pushes those edges, she asks, “What is appropriate subject matter? What is beautiful? Can beautiful also be disturbing? Can beautiful also be obscene? Can beautiful also be pornographic?” Paedra works in whatever medium/material suits her vision: steel, bronze, wood, PVC, ink paintings, computer prints. She operated a hot glass studio studio for 35 years and sold glass in galleries throughout the country. Paedra is known for INTERIORS, spherical shapes with multi strands inside, and the bright vibrant colors in her art. I use bright vibrant colors in my art in my ink paintings, in my Transformation Prints, in my glass sculpture to draw in and seduce the viewer BEFORE THEY REALIZE the sometimes disturbing subject that they are looking so intimately at.
"There is a joy in this work--a real joy, not one based purely in the realm of fantasy. As artists, much of what we do resides in dreams and other worldly-ness, but your work is centered in the tangible joy of now. And that is a gift to your viewers--a gift that Fran Bull understands."
Happiness and joy are rare commodities in these dark days. Your work spreads the light."
by Karen Woolf


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Fyer , Fyer!
Starts: Monday, October 7th, 2013 at 8:00 PM
Ends: Saturday, October 5th, 2013 at 4:22 PM
Gershwin Hotel
7 East 27th Street
New York, United States
SIREN Baroque kicks off its third season with Fyer, Fyer!, the first of four concerts exploring the ancient elements, in a special collaboration with the innovative baroque dancers Laura Careless and Marisol Cabrera. The program features blazingly passionate works by Morley, Monteverdi, Rebel, Scarlatti, and Handel, all of which use fire as a metaphor for nature’s wrath, spiritual zeal, lustful ardor, or the terrors of hell. With SIREN Baroque’s “impassioned performances” (Early Music America) accompanied by strikingly seductive choreography, it promises to be an evening to ignite the senses.
Phone: 212-545-8000