Ryoko Sakai

Ryoko Sakai
Last Name: Sakai
First Name: Ryoko
Country: Japan
City: Shizuoka
Art Form: Mix Media
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"My art reveals human's fundamental nature. I try to critique and re-think what society tells me to do."

My work takes viewers to realize beauty of human nature intuitively through my minimalistic and conceptual ways of approach. My focus is on pure and humble (human) nature that we naturally have. However, since we live in society, we make-up to look better and hide not to be judged badly because we get scared to show as we are; we do not want to get hurt. My strength in (life and) art appears here. I am very open to the different and new, so as what we hide. I am just being myself, but it shocks people sometime because I am showing as it is, like my body or attidtude that I do not simply follow what society expects. My official photographer, Steven Fox said that he can never find things that I would say no. I am adventurous, curious to everything. I try first before judgments.

My experience (in art) is based on my strongest desire - knowing. I am eager to know before I make judgments. When i say "to know" it is not just "understand mentally" but phisically or intuitively or emotionally or experimentally, my body/mind has to get it.

I developed of this desire of knowing from my parents. My father is a psychiatrist/clinical psyhologist, and my mother: social educater for youth. I grew up very liberally discussing thoughts with them. That made me pursuit philosophy degree - making strong reasoning and arguments- as the base of my art.

But my main focus was not to become a philosopher, I am naturally an activist, who has to make her saying matches what her action. I testify myself through art (action) whether my acts are justice or benefitial for society or not. German Romanticism loves beauty of human because of chaotic and uncontrolable humanities. I involve actual human body - mainly mine - in order to present the raw, direct, pure and simplistic message of human nature. I use myself in piece as body-stamp in paints and in perfomance videos.

Human body tells a lot!!!! That is all I need for my work essentially!!

Please contact me with further information, questions, or any concern.
Email: ryoko_sakai@hotmail.com

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b. 1990

Studying Art, philosophy, and literature at Hunter College, CUNY.


Unconventional Drawing
Unconventional Drawing
The Bare Expression
The Bare Expression

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Fyer , Fyer!
Starts: Monday, October 7th, 2013 at 8:00 PM
Ends: Saturday, October 5th, 2013 at 4:22 PM
Gershwin Hotel
7 East 27th Street
New York, United States
SIREN Baroque kicks off its third season with Fyer, Fyer!, the first of four concerts exploring the ancient elements, in a special collaboration with the innovative baroque dancers Laura Careless and Marisol Cabrera. The program features blazingly passionate works by Morley, Monteverdi, Rebel, Scarlatti, and Handel, all of which use fire as a metaphor for nature’s wrath, spiritual zeal, lustful ardor, or the terrors of hell. With SIREN Baroque’s “impassioned performances” (Early Music America) accompanied by strikingly seductive choreography, it promises to be an evening to ignite the senses.
Phone: 212-545-8000