About Us

We are "Women Artists of the World", a website dedicated to promote women artists worldwide by allowing them to create a profile with pictures and videos to promote their own art so that they can be discovered from anywhere on the planet thanks to a powerful search engine designed to function as an international directory. The site also works as a social network where users, female artists and art lovers, can post their comments, news, requests, and more.

The creators of "Women Artists of the World" are also artists, and as such, often went through mazes of bad promotional services. Because of these experiences, often bitter and expensive, we decided to create this forum to establish links and networks that allow simple, yet effective international promotion of their art. We are not art experts, we are not agents, but we know that insufficient exposure can often be the reason why many artists give up on their dreams. Our goal is to reduce the gap between artists and their potential fans and clients by allowing:

Female Artists: To create a profile with relevant information to give visitors a good idea of who they are and what they do. This way, art lovers can discover and eventually follow the artist's activity and talk about their work to friends and interested art lovers. Artists can also use their profile as an efficient professional tool to promote themselves by exposing their art directly on the website, chatting with fans/ potential clients/ other artists on Café Chat, and, most importantly, keep their followers informed of their upcoming exhibitions and performances by using the site's Calendar feature.

Art Lovers: To discover artists around the world who are working within every art form. They can also select their favorite artists and contact them, send on a profile to friends/ other art lovers/ potential clients, and can bookmark the dates and locations of their favorite artists’ upcoming exhibitions and performances on their own Calendar.

The possibilities are almost endless; let your imagination do the rest!

Thank you to those who helped us create
and support this artistic forum:

Gilles Montezin, Founder and Creator
Samantha Grassian, Artistic Director
Fabien Pichler, Web Producer
Sean Moroney, Web Designer/ Developer
Gulya Shigabutdinova, Web Designer

Andrew Axelrod
Amelie De Lataillade
Bertille Lavenir
Lina Montoya
Monica Perry
Claudia Anhalzer
Juliana Guimaraes
Zarina Gumbatova
Hyunjung Kim
Seoung Kim
Klaud Lucas
Liz Wang
Christina Andrea
Steven Zapata
Sinem Disli
Haruko Naito
Lidia Focacci
Alvina Lai
Annie Bae
Alisa Bukhvalova
Agnieszka Roszak
David Tyrrell
Jose Luis Betancur Sepulveda
Michelle Rollenas
Ya-Marie Correa
Perlette Kabeya
Sam Suh
Samuel Descieux
Georgia Rojas Monaco
Elizabeth Zhivkova
Carlos Brufau
Edward Serrano